We use the latest technology 

BOH stays abreast of new technology to improve the efficiency of our operations and save you money.  



BOH minimizes total costs for our customers with our state-of-the-art saltwater disposal facilities (SWDs) in North Dakota.


Our facilities use a mix of NOV positive-displacement pumps and Schlumberger horizontal injection pumps to maximize throughput. We employ a multistage filtration system and the latest in automation and SCADA (supervisory control data acquisition) technologies to minimize well downtime. Our locations are convenient and easy for trucks to access.



E-ticketing and GPS: Using e-ticketing and GPS monitoring, we track what jobs are happening in our fleet and where our trucks are at all times. By managing our growing fleet efficiently, we can do more work with fewer trucks. Our customers benefit from our fast and up-to-date reports on jobs costs and barrels hauled.

Total visibility into your oil and gas operations: BOH provides our customers with real visibility into our entire field operation and the history of every from job start to finish. With one system, we can:

Monitor bulk tanks
Enable quick, just-in-time deliveries
Optimize performance, safety, and reporting
Improve logistics
Reduce maintenance costs

Total visibility into your oil and gas operations: 

BOH provides our customers with real visibility into our entire field operation and the history of every from job start to finish. 


BOH helps you take your oil and gas business to the next level by knowing what’s happening in the field through technology.


Monitor fluid levels in tanker trailers remotely: With our digital fluid-level tank auditing technology, dispatchers can monitor locations and levels of hauled fluids remotely and eliminate costly field delays due to fluid shortages:

View tank-level readings each time the vehicle stops
Remotely monitor hauled crude, produced water, acid, jet fuel, and other liquid chemicals
Receive email or text message notifications when fluid levels change
Prevent costly liability issues from improper fluid-handling

Our flexible, scalable fluid tracking solution boosts your bottom line by providing on-demand visibility into our entire operation.


Advanced Accounting


Our advanced accounting system provides our customers with easy-to-read, detailed, accurate invoices — and it saves time and money.

E-ticket efficiency: All-electronic field ticketing produces clear and accurate invoices and reduces time paper-handling time tremendously.

RevenueWorks™/I2X – RevenueWorks (Tranzap, Inc./Oildex) streamlines the invoicing process by allowing suppliers to create and submit electronic invoices. Directly exporting invoices from our accounting software to Oildex/ADP saves hours of work and results in clear and accurate reporting. 

Contact us to discover how BOH  can provide you with complete, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to your fluid disposal needs.

The BOH process

  • eField ticket created
  • Internal audit process
  • eField tickets downloaded and imported directly into QuickBooks
  • Exported from QuickBooks into ADP and Oil electronically